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Eyes of Love

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Eyes of Love; a beautiful poetic collection of original music and lyrics, written by Tina Weber. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, Tina combines contemporary, pop, country and praise and worship to bless listeners of all ages. You will be a fan when you hear her original voice that is crystal clear and you listen to the amazing lyrics to her songs. Many people have said to her that her music is healing and soothing and the melodies to her songs are amazing. You will be singing with her throughout the day.  

  • Wings Of Love (4:57)
  • Living Stone (3:13)
  • Eyes Of Love (3:55)
  • Hallelujah, Our God Reigns (4:07)
  • Voice Of God (4:20)
  • The Great I Am (3:47) 
  • How Shall I Pray (5:03)
  • Canvas Blue (4:24)
  • Lamb Of God (4:41)
  • Thank You Jesus (3:15) 
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