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Who Sent The Rain

Tina Weber blends exceptional original vocals with a country - contemporary pop sound that is truly one of a kind. Her art of combining both loving and contemplative moods make her work stand out in the Christian Singer Songwriter networks. "Who Sent the Rain" is no doubt her best work so far in her music career. This album is amazing and is a must hear. You will be singing her songs all day long. 

  • Halleluhjah Jesus (4:56)
  • Dream With Me (5:08)
  • Who Sent The Rain (4:25)
  • I Will Say Your Name (4:53)
  • Jesus You Made Everything (3:41)
  • You Are the Song(3:47) 
  • Wake Up Church (4:05)
  • Good Shepherd (5:02)
  • Jesus Lift Me Up (4:13)
Hallelujah Jesus
Dream With Me
Will Say Your Name
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