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Shadow Of The Cross

Purchase CD $10.00

Tina Weber, talented singer/songwriter from Denver, Colorado, Shadow of the Cross; a beautiful poetic collection of praise and worship songs. This collection of songs will help to heal your broken heart and encourage you to embrace hope and grace. Close your eyes and listen to the words of these amazing songs.  $12.00

  • Son Of Man (3:52)
  • His Love (4:14)
  • Shadow Of The Cross (5:04)
  • Reason For The Pain (4:47)
  • Healing Tears (5:04)
  • Keeper Of The Heart (4:35) 
  • Every Knee Will Bow (4:05)
  • Good Shepherd (4:37)
  • Father’s Hands (4:01)
  • Color Love (5:31)
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